Your Guide On

The Spiritual Journey


I am truly honored to share with you the gift of sacred wisdom.  

May it light the way to your soul's true purpose.

Why I Teach

Yoga has been my path from the time I was a young adult. Over the years, I have been humbled &  fascinated by where this path has taken me physically, intellectually and of course spiritually. After 30 years of study and 15 years of teaching, my mission now is to serve as your guide, a tour guide of sorts on your spiritual journey. I am here to point you in certain directions,  highlight hidden gems, steer you away from pitfalls, connect you to fellow travelers, and then get out of the way & let you discover on your own. I strive to create the space for you to heal yourself, connect to source, and discover your own  spiritual purpose.  It is my deepest honor to share the wisdom of yoga with you.
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Heal Yourself & Heal The World

There is no doubt that we are living in challenging times.  The world is out of balance and our modern lives reflect this.  Bombarded by messages to do more, have more, consume more, many of us are suffering from physical and mental distress as well as social alienation. Yoga is a path back to wholeness. A dedicated yoga practice not only builds physical and emotional resilience, but can help you find deeper meaning and purpose in your life.  As we transform, the world around us transforms.  Will you join me in healing our world?

Current Public Teaching Schedule

I teach public classes in-person in Portland, Oregon, online through Zoom and offer private instruction for individuals, groups & businesses (both in-person or online). 

I design tailored classes based on your unique, individual or group needs including classes for specific physical or psychological goals (stress reduction, life transitions) or to honor life events such as weddings, birthdays, holidays as well as bereavement, transitions and closure.   I also offer classes for or with children as well as with pets. 

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I offer a number of workshops throughout the year both virtually and in person, to support seasonal transitions and honor nature’s turning points. 

In addition, I design personalized, transformational retreats for small groups to create meaningful experiences among close friends, families and professional organizations. Email me to inquire about proposals and rates.

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Returning to Yin: 

Restoring Balance to Ourselves and Our World

A 6-Week Online Course

Next Session will begin in

2024 (Join the waitlist below)

 We live in a culture that places an inordinate value on yang qualities such as action, achievement, competition, acquisition, consumption, speed and external focus. Whereas the yin qualities of being, releasing, stillness, cooperation, interconnection and internal experience are often neglected, ignored and devalued. If we want to return to wholeness, we must embrace and elevate the yin qualities that have been so sorely lacking in our culture and the place to start is with ourselves.

Join me on a 6 week journey as we explore the many dimensions of yin energy through yoga, meditation, self reflection and engaged discussion. Take a deep dive with a dedicated group of fellow travelers as we explore a new theme in each weekly live session. Follow up during the week with home practices and online discussion. 

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The Path of Ease

A seasonal, yin yoga guide to help you harmonize with nature,

reduce stress and restore balance.

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Hi I'm Anne Marie

Whenever I’d tell my Dad I was going to a yoga class, he’d always ask “Don’t you know how to do that by now?”

Well......yes I do, but  honestly I will never stop learning & growing from Yoga.

 Anne Witmer is a gifted, heartfelt teacher who has been guiding students in the practice of yoga, meditation & spiritual growth for over 15 years.  Anne has advanced training in Yin Yoga & Yoga Therapy and specializes in women’s health, stress & the nervous system and psycho-spiritual growth.  Her teaching is informed by her study of Ayurveda, Kashmiri Shaivism, Taoism & Chinese Medicine.  She has had the pleasure to study with some of the world's most renowned teachers including, Sally Kempton, Sarah Powers, Richard Miller & Christina Sell.

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"Anne's yin yoga class has been consistently one of the best, most creative yoga classes I have ever taken.  Each class is unique and carefully planned and with each one I have learned new things about my body and ways to move that I have carried into my life outside of class.  Anne is a kind, compassionate wise person, besides being an excellent teacher, and I am grateful to have met her and honored by her attention."

Judy Bradshaw

"Ann Witmer is compassionate and caring. Hands down one of my most favorite yoga instructors. She brings a unique perspective. Her natural instinct is to care for and nurture her clients. Some of the things I really love about her practice are the chocolates, the essential oils, and the neck massages during the end of class. I took some of her prenatal classes and post-natal classes and she really connects with other moms. I always leave relaxed and refreshed after yoga practice with Ann. Thank you Ann for all that you do. Thank you for your nurturing and love of the Portland community.”

Rachel Zavertnik

"Anne Witmer is a lovely caring teacher who weaves aspects of traditional Chinese medicine appropriate to the seasons or class focus into her yin yoga classes. She is able to make Yin yoga accessible to many fitness levels and clearly has a genuine love of teaching."

Adrienne Silveria