Online Yin Yoga Series 

4 Sundays in September (9/3, 9/10, 9/17 & 9/24) - 5:30-7:00 pm PDT    

In Taoism and Chinese Medicine, a unique "5th season" is recognized between the Yang and Yin phases of the year. This brief interim period, governed by the earth element, is a time of balance between expansion and contraction, giving and receiving, effort and ease. During earth season, you have the opportunity to transform your mental habits of worry and scarcity into present moment contentment and a mindset of abundance.

In this 4 week series you will learn:

  • The unique nature of earth energy according to Taoism & Chinese Medicine
  • How this energy affects you physically, emotionally & spiritually
  • How to identify areas of imbalance in your being and lifestyle
  • How weak earth chi, resulting from chronic stress and worry, shows up in the body as digestive issues and other health challenges and how to best address them
  • How yin yoga and other practices can strengthen the quality and flow of earth chi and improve¬†your overall health and well-being.
  • Specific strategies to incorporate earth energy¬†wisdom into your daily life so your sense of ease doesn't get rolled up with your yoga mat.
These classes are designed to help you quiet the voices of worry and anxiety and cultivate a deeper sense of inner contentment.

Each session will draw on various tools to strengthen and mobilize your earth chi. These practices are specifically designed to target the meridians and organs governed by earth energy (stomach & spleen). In addition to Yin Yoga, each class will include an assortment of other practices including: 

  • acupressure & self massage
  • simple qigong movements
  • breath work¬†& vocalization
  • guided visualization¬†&¬†meditation
  • Inquiry practices to identify and address psycho-emotional blockages
  • aromatherapy

Don't worry if you have to miss a class because each session will be recorded and emailed to you on the following day. addition to four 90 minute yoga classes, you will also receive the following:

Path of Ease: Earth Season Workbook

This Guidebook provides tips & strategies to help you thrive during Earth Season.

Aromatherapy Guide For Earth Season

Discover the best oils to use to ease worry, boost motivation & cultivate balance. 

Earth Acupressure Point Chart

Learn the most effective  points to help balance the stomach & spleen meridians.

2 Additional Practice Videos

Guided meditation for grounding and a vocalization & breathing exercise. 

Earth Season Online Yin Series


Package Includes:

  • Four 90 minute online yin classes
  • Recordings of all classes to¬†view at any time
  • 3 PDF resource guides for Earth Season
  • 2 additional practice videos (including guided meditation & breathwork practice)¬†
  • Email access for questions & guidance.¬†