Reconnect With What Matters Most 


Embodied Yin Wisdom: Nature's Seasons & Cycles

  will help you stay grounded in your body,  centered in your heart and

aligned with the rhythms of universal energy.

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How to align your body, heart & mind with the rhythms of nature so that you experience greater ease and flow and less struggle and frustration.


Yin Yoga to relax and ground the body, a guided meditation to open the heart and additional practices to help you feel subtle energy. 


the power of your intuition to reveal what is most important and assist you in creating a unique intention to guide you towards successful action. 


the support and connection of a community dedicated to growth and transformation at both the personal and collective level.

 Do You Recognize Yourself Here?

  • Being compulsively tethered to your smart phone and having a sense of unease when it‚Äôs not right next to you (even though you're not using it)
  • Suddenly catching yourself mindlessly scrolling without realizing you were doing it.
  • Thinking you'll just take a quick break from your work to check IG or the news and then realizing you've just wasted two hours.
  • Noticing a marked decline in your attention span & having difficulty staying focused or completing things (like reading a book)
  • Noticing an uptick in¬†experiences of anxiety,¬†depression and¬†loneliness in yourself and others.
  • Longing for greater meaning and purpose in life¬†

Wait, Isn't There Another Way?


As modern life takes us further from nature’s rhythms, we are witnessing greater and more troubling imbalances both in society and on the planet. Our collective addiction to screens and social media, aka "our weapons of mass DISTRACTION," is limiting our ability to be consciously awake and present to life. While no one doubt's that the conscious use of 21st century technology can be of great benefit, when we become overly passive or complacent to its downsides, the more lost and confused we become. In fact, as AI technology proliferates our lives, we are often left questioning what is true and even what is real?

The good news is, we can change this. Maintaining both sanity and balance within the technological age will require an ongoing commitment to strengthening our relationship to the natural world and its rhythms, staying grounded in our bodies and centered in our hearts. When we sync up with nature’s rhythm, life flows more gracefully and we experience greater peace and ease.

A Monthly Yin Yoga Circle


Embodied Yin Wisdom: Nature's Seasons & Cycles l is a 90 minute online class which includes yin yoga, guided meditation, intention setting and healing visualizations for yourself and the world.


This class is a monthly RE-SET to help you stay focused on what’s most important. It will allow you to cultivate a deeper connection to nature, to your body and to the wisdom of your heart, so you stay strong and resilient in these ever-changing times. Additionally, It will connect you with others who wish to consciously create a healthier, more balanced world.


Embodied Wisdom refers to the deep knowing, understanding, and insight that arises from direct experience within the body. The body is a potent gateway to understanding yin energy and accessing spiritual truths.


Nature’s Seasons and Cycles - Nature is truly our greatest spiritual teacher. When we sync up with nature’s rhythm, life flows more gracefully and we experience greater peace and ease.

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Anne Marie Witmer, MPH, RYT 500+

Anne Marie Witmer is a gifted, heartfelt teacher and mentor who has guided thousands of students in the practice of yoga, meditation & spiritual growth for the past 20 years. Anne has advanced training in Yin Yoga & Yoga Therapy and specializes in women’s health & spirituality, stress & the nervous system and psycho-spiritual development. Anne's teaching is informed by her study of Taoism & Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, the philosophies of Advaita Vedanta & Kashmiri Shaivism and Divine Feminine Spirituality. Additionally, Anne Marie holds a Master of Public Health degree from UCLA with a focus on health education. Anne has been blessed to study with some of the world's most renowned spiritual teachers including: Sara Powers, Richard Miller, Sally Kempton, Ekhart Tolle, Alana Fairchild, and her foremost teacher, Miranda MacPherson.

Student Praise

"Anne's yin yoga class has been consistently one of the best, most creative yoga classes I have ever taken. It has been a catalyst to the healing of a huge, gaping wound in my spirit. I could never have known when I signed up how pivotal to my future this class would turn out to be. I came openhearted and open minded to learn to connect on a deeper level with all universal energies and look at what came of it."

- Eileen Langford


Anne is my favorite yoga teacher of all time. Magic, mastery, kindness, patience, all come to mind when I think of her as a yoga teacher. I find wholeness within my self and with the world every class I take with Anne. She comes prepared with a game plan and adapts it as needed in the moment to bring the best out of the class. A true gift and delight to be around, Anne generously shares her wisdom, love, and joy; indeed, she invites us to live deeply and authentically by her shining example. 

Steven Gervais

"Anne Witmer is a lovely caring teacher who weaves aspects of traditional Chinese medicine appropriate to the seasons or class focus into her yin yoga classes. She is able to make Yin yoga accessible to many fitness levels and clearly has a genuine love of teaching."

 - Adrienne Silveria