Do you feel great after yoga but struggle to maintain that sense of peace and ease once you leave the mat?  


Learn to maintain that sense of serenity and calm even while you negotiate the ups and downs of daily living.


The Path of Ease: A seasonal, yin yoga guide to help you harmonize with nature's energies, reduce stress and restore balance

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The Path of Ease guidebook will introduce you to the Taoist 5 Element Theory that underlies both Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine. Inside you will learn how to harmonize with the energy of each season so you are moving with the flow of nature’s energy instead of struggling against it.

Discover how aligning yourself with the five elements will:

  • Break the cycle of stress and struggle and create a life that is easier, simpler and sweeter
  • Bring the teachings of your yin yoga practice into your daily life & routines so your sense of ease doesn't get rolled up with your mat
  • Determine where and how to shift your focus & attention each season to easily tap into the natural flow and support of nature
  • Identify where you are feeling imbalance & struggle and provide the tools to guide you back to wholeness
If you practice or teach yin yoga, you need this guide!


Meet Anne Marie! 

Anne Marie Witmer is a gifted, heartfelt teacher who has guided thousands of students in the practice of yoga, meditation & spiritual growth. Anne has advanced training in Yin Yoga & Yoga Therapy and specializes in women’s health, stress & the nervous system and psycho-spiritual growth.  A teacher for over 15 years, Anne's philosophy is informed by her study of Ayurveda, Kashmiri Shaivism, Taoism & Chinese Medicine. In addition, Anne Marie holds a Master in Public Health degree from UCLA with a focus on health education & policy. 

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